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St. Charles Announces Fourth of July Holiday Fireworks Schedule
Monday, June 29, 2009

WHO:   St. Charles Police Chief Dennis Corley today announced the city’s fireworks policy for the July 4 holiday weekend.  “As in year’s past,” said Corley, “the city will allow fireworks on specific days surrounding the July 4th holiday, but will maintain a zero tolerance outside the prescribed window of opportunity.”  Chief Corley went on to reiterate that no fireworks will be allowed in any city parks.

WHAT:   Residents in the city of St. Charles will be able to legally shoot off fireworks in celebration of the July 4th holiday from Noon to 11 p.m. on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4.  Outside these parameters, fireworks in the city limits will be illegal and the police department will routinely issue summons.

WHERE      St. Charlesfireworks legal within city limits w/ the exception of city parks.
   Noon to 11 p.m. on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4 only
ALSO:   For those residents who plan to celebrate the holiday by shooting fireworks, city officials encourage everyone to celebrate our nation’s heritage safely heeding the following guidelines provided by The National Council on Fireworks Safety:
  . Use fireworks outdoors only
  . Obey local laws, if fireworks are not legal where you live, do not use them.
  . Always have water handy (i.e., a hose and/or a bucket)
  . Only use fireworks as intended.  Don’t try to alter and/or combine them.
  . Never relight a “dud”; wait 20 minutes, then soak in a bucket of water.
  . Use common sense.  Spectators should keep a safe distance from the shooter and the shooter should wear safety glasses.
  . Alcohol and fireworks do not mix.  Have a “designated shooter” to keep your holiday safe.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 16% of all consumer fireworks injuries are caused by sparklers burning hands and legs, with the majority of sparkler injuries occurring to young children.  In fact, sparkler injuries account for 1/3 of all firework-related injuries to children age 5 years or younger.  The National Council on Fireworks Safety offers these safety tips:
  . Sparklers should always be used under close adult supervision.
  . Never hold a child in your arms while using sparklers.
  . Never hold, or light, more than one sparkler at a time.
  . Sparklers and bare feet can be a painful combination.  Always wear closed-toe-shoes when  using sparklers.
  . Sparkler wire and stick remain hot long after the flame has gone out.  Be sure to drop the spent sparklers directly in a bucket of water.
  . Never hand a lighted sparkler to another person.  Give them the unlit sparkler and then light it.
  . Always stand at least 6 feet from another person while using sparklers.
  . Never throw sparklers.
  . Show children how to hold sparklers away from their body and at arm’s length.
  . Teach children to wave sparklers, especially wooden stick sparklers, or run while holding sparklers.

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