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City Dedicates Discovery Playground in Jaycee Park on Oct. 5
Friday, October 5, 2012

Discovery Playground Opens for Play at Jaycee Park

Discovery Playground at Jaycee Park2805 Elm Street – officially opened for play on Friday, October 5.  It is a destination that will attract children, families, schools, groups and other organizations from around our community and truly impact tens of thousands of people a year.

“Play is vital for all children’s cognitive, physical, and social/emotional development,” said Maralee Britton, Director of St. Charles Parks and Recreation.  “Playgrounds are the perfect place to foster self-determination, friendship and memories that potentially can last a life-time,” she said.

According to Britton, Unlimited Play, Developmental Disability Resource Board, St. Charles City and St. Charles Parks and Recreation proudly present this unique, beautifully designed, adventurous play place designed for ALL children.  Please plan to stop by and be amazed!


Discovery PlaygroundUnique Features:
• Approximately 50,000 sq. ft. of adventure theme area accessible to
children and caregivers of all abilities; fenced around to provide the utmost
• Safe surfacing that ensures mobility for children/adults in wheelchairs
and walkers and for those who experience difficulty on uneven surfacing.
• Ramping systems from the bottom to the very top of every play element,
transfer stations, specialized seating, hand-holds, and climbing systems
slanted to assist children’s climb and reach.
• Swings including adaptive swings (high backs) for children with low
muscle tone, toddler swings and the favorite saucer swing that enables
multiple children to swing together.
• Stainless steel slides and roller slides to enable children with Cochlear ear
implants to enjoy the experience of sliding (plastic slides shorten out
hearing devices).
• Sensory rich environment including musical elements such as tuned
drums and aluminum chimes, Braille signage, and aromatic plantings.
• Numerous interactive panels fostering cognitive development, including
a tree and butterfly custom designed to spark children’s imaginations and
promote the appreciation of nature.
• Beautiful pergola shading chess tables – five in all -- surrounded by lush shrubs, trees
and fruit bearing vines.
• One-of-a-kind water play area resembling the Missouri bluffs that will
help everyone stay cool, especially children who have difficulty regulating
their bodily temperature.
• Updated restrooms with additional family-style restrooms to
accommodate every family visiting the park.

For more information, visit St. Charles Parks and Recreation online at www.stcharlesparks.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/#!/StCharlesMOParksRec.

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