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Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program

The Lateral Sewer Insurance Program began on January 1, 2003.  St. Charles homeowners have the benefit of an "insurance policy" on lateral sewers to their homes. 

If claims are approved, the City will pay 80% of the cost of repairs to lateral sewers (up to $5,000 per property), and the homeowner will pay 20%.  The cost of sewer repairs varies depending on the extent of work needed.

For detailed information and an application, visit the Forms Library, which is located on our home page.

Sewer Lateral Repair Program FAQs

How much does coverage cost?  

$20/year collected on the Real Estate Property Tax bill collected by the St. Charles County Assessor’s Office.

How do I know if my house is covered?  

The program covers all residential structure types up to six units.  Examples include single family homes, duplexes, residential triplexes, four, five, and six unit residential structures, and residential condo units with individual lateral connections.

How do I enroll in the program?  

If your house is within the city limits of St. Charles you will be automatically enrolled.   

My house is outside the city limits but I pay my sewer bill to the City of St. Charles, am I covered?  

No. Residential structures outside of the city limits are not eligible.  The program is for City residents only.

When did this program begin?  

The program began January 1, 2003.

What is my sewer lateral?  

Your sewer lateral is the portion of your sewer line that runs from the exterior building wall to the City’s sewer main line.

My sewer is backing up and there is water on my basement floor, what do I do?  

First thing contact a plumber/drainlayer to have your sewer lateral line cabled.  Then contact the Department of Public works to secure an application and instructions for participating in the insurance program.

The plumber cabled my lateral and it’s working better, what now?  

Return the completed Sewer Lateral Program Application to the Department of Public Works.  The program administrator will contact you to schedule an appointment to run a camera through the sewer lateral to determine the scope of the repair.  After the camera investigation the program administrator will put together a bid package which includes an Approval Letter, a Contractor Procedures Letter, several copies of the Repair Description, and a list of the approved plumbers/drainlayers. 

Three bids, what’s that about?  

The program administrator will put together a repair description for the resident to acquire multiple quotes from plumbers/drainlayers.  The resident can choose which plumbers/drainlayers they would like to bid on the repair and can choose which plumber/drainlayer they want to complete the repair.  The program only reimburses 80% of the lowest bid.

How much of the repair cost does the program cover?  

The program will reimburse 80% of the lowest of three bids submitted by plumbers/drainlayers to repair the sewer lateral up to $7,500.00.

Can I opt out of the program?  

No, the program was approved by the voters therefore all homeowners of eligible properties are assessed the $20/year and will be enrolled in the sewer lateral program.              

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