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No MOre Trash! Program

The Beautification Commission is determined to eliminate litter from St. Charles streets and parks. The commission has partnered with the State of Missouri to promote the No MOre Trash! Anti-litter campaign.    
Who litters?
The Missouri Litter Profile determined that the people most likely to litter are:

  • Age 16 to 24, particularly when in groups
  • Single
  • Smokes
  • Eats fast food at least twice a week

Reasons for littering: 

  • Doesn’t care 
  • Not aware he/she is littering
  • Thinks others will pick it up
  • No trash can handy

Major types of litter on Missouri roads:

  • Fast food waste – 33%
  • Paper – 29%
  • Aluminum 28%
  • Glass – 6%
  • Plastic – 2%
  • Other – 2%

Litter Facts:

  • Littering is a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 (Missouri State Law)
  • Current St. Charles City ordinance provides penalties of up to $500 for each violation of the litter ordinance and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months.
  • More than $6 million is spent annually to remove trash from Missouri highways, and in St. Charles, $25,000 is spent annually on the Clean-Team to remove litter from our city.

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