Frenchtown MO Basin 15 Sanitary Source Disconnect

Impacted Wards: 1


Project Description

 Basin 15 is located within Frenchtown and flows to the MO Wastewater Treatment Plant.  This basin experiences high amounts of inflow and infiltration leading to surcharged sanitary sewers during heavy rain events.  Several homes in this area experience sanitary backups during these events.  In 2014, a basin evaluation report identified 180 locations of possible inflow.  This project will repair the sanitary system to reduce inflow and infiltration.  The design consultant will be responsible for further investigation of the possible inflow and infiltration, and the final design of the improvements.

Project Location

At the Frenchtown Basin 15, located within Frenchtown, which flows to the Missouri Wastewater Treatment Plant 

Contact Information

Anjana Kittu
Project Manager