Human Relations Award

Each year since 2011, in honor of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Human Relations Commission selects a person or organization who demonstrates the spirit of the HRC’s purpose, and bestows them with the Human Relations Award. As qualifiers we look for someone who:

                     1. Promotes mutual understanding and respect among all social, religious, cultural and ethnic groups.

                     2. Encourages dialogue and inclusivity with diverse groups, and

                     3. Promotes best practices in human relations.

Nominations for the Award are opened in October and closed sometime in November. Notice of the nomination period is shared in City and HRC media platforms. The nominee must be an individual who has resided or been employed in the City for at least two years, or an organization that has directly served St. Charles residents for at least two years.

A nomination form must be fully completed and include a reason for the nomination in order to be considered by the HRC.

The award recipient is announced at the November general HRC Meeting

2023 Human Relations Award Application (2023 Submittal Period Closed)

Past Honorees

2024-  Charles (Chuck) Lovelace III
Liaison for the city on the Human Relations Commission Board, demonstrated unwavering commitment to fostering inclusivity and promoting a sense of community. Over the course of his tenure, Chuck Lovelace has been actively involved in numerous events, showcasing his commitment to supporting the City of St. Charles and its residents.

2023- Dr. Jose Jones
Jose founded Boxing Therapy  a stand-alone gym located on Second street in St. Charles. I
t’s an inclusive program designed to help people boost and increase their self-esteem, self-motivation, self-confidence, and self-control while reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. It is a unique inclusive program for any individual regardless of any mental and physical condition. Jose is dedicated to the community: Hosting tournaments for those who might have different disabilities, hosting holiday, philanthropy events, and spreading awareness of the great benefits that boxing can bring to your life.

 2022- Tina Meier
Tina founded the Megan Meier Foundation in 2007 after her daughter took her own life following a cyberbullying hoax.  Located in St Charles, The MMF has grown into a global bullying and cyberbullying prevention foundation.

2021- Alex Reichert (Diversity Film Series /Multicultural Reading Day & his  commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in Saint Charles)

2020- Youth In Need (Building on strengths of children, youth, and families so they find safety, hope, and success in life since 1974.)

2019- Melissa Whitwam (for her work as an educator and promoter of diversity through the arts in our community)

2018- Jason Dunn (Resident- Pride St Charles)

2017- Matt Miller (Neighbor Helping Neighbor, Pastor at Calvary Church)

2016- Pamela Coaxum (Resident, HRC Chair)

2015- Judge Daniel Pelikan (Family Courts and work his with Community youth)

2014- Youth In Need

2013- Officer Paul Yadloski (w/ St Charles Police Dept, his outreach to the Hispanic Community)

2012- Patti York (Mayor)

2011- Dr. Tom and Mary Harrison (Resident, Founding HRC Commissioner M. Harrison)