Courtesy Notices

Welcome! You have reached this page because you received a notice on your door regarding a minor violation that we noticed on your property. The Code Enforcement Division in the Department of Community Development, investigates code violations as determined by the City's Municipal Code. There are many types of violations, and they are handled in different ways.

I’ve received a door tag from Code EnforcementWhy and what comes next? Did someone complain about my property? Maybe, maybe not. The City is trying to help by addressing minor violations in a proactive manner, which is why you have received this notice on your door. Our Code Enforcement Officers periodically sweep the neighborhoods looking for small violations that can be easily corrected. The City needs your help to accomplish our goal of maintaining our beautiful City. We ask that you voluntarily correct the violations mentioned on your door tag, so that we don’t have to take any further action.

How do I correct the violation? Below you will find a list of some of the common types of violations we leave door tag for. There's a brief summary outlining what constitutes the violation, and what you can do to get in compliance. If you have any other specific questions you need to ask before we come back by, please don't hesitate to call the Code Enforcement Officer directly. Their name and phone number should be listed on the door tag.  If not, please contact the Community Development Department directly. 

What happens if I don’t take any action? If no action is taken to abate the violations that were observed on your property, the City will send a more formal notice of violation. This is not the preferred course of action for the City. Ideally, this friendly reminder will allow you to take care of this small issue with no further correspondence.

Common types of violations:

Derelict or Abandoned Vehicles: City Ordinances require vehicles to have proper current license plates. Also, vehicles cannot be in a state of disassembly, inoperable, or wrecked. If we notice a vehicle on your property that meets this description, it needs to be removed or brought into compliance. See CMC 375.020

RV/Boat/Trailer Parking: There are limitations on where you may park/store an RV/Boat/or Trailer. Generally speaking they may not be kept in the front yard portions of a driveway (between the street and the front of the house). Please contact the Code Enforcement Officer for more guidance. See CMC 400.600

Obstructing Streets and Sidewalks: Trash Cans, Vehicles, and Other items may not block a street or sidewalk. Please move any objects you have that may be blocking a path of travel as soon as possible. See CMC 505.160

Location of Trash Containers: Trash containers are required to be stored behind the front building line. This means that they cannot be stored in the front of your home. This is a violation that is easily resolved! Just move your trash containers to the rear or side yard. See CMC 245.060

Building Permit Required: Did you know some home improvement projects actually require a building permit? Whenever you are installing a new deck, fence, or building some other structure, a building permit may be required. This is easily resolved by applying with your building plans, materials list and a visit to City Hall. Once your application is submitted, a Building Inspector will review the plans and let you know if any changes need to be made. See CMC 400.1360

Trash and Debris: Maybe you are in the process of cleaning out your garage, or other area of your home and you have brought some items outside. Or maybe you have unsightly items outside for another reason. All items that do not normally belong outside need to be removed. Exterior storage is not allowed. See CMC 220.020

Other: If we checked the “Other” box on your notice, it’s because the violation doesn’t meet the criteria of any of the items listed above and is some other issue. If you still have questions after reading the comments that we left, feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Officer through the number left on the notice. They should be able to clarify what it is you need to do to get in compliance.


Code Enforcement Manager

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