Boschertown Phase II

The Purpose

Existing Boschertown Road is a narrow 2 lane roadway with no shoulders and deteriorated pavement. As currently configured, the intersection of Boschertown Road and Highway B is only 200’ from the intersection of Highway B and 94.  With increase development in the area near Highway B including a new Orchard Farms High School, traffic is expected to increase in the coming years near the intersection of Highway B and Boschertown. 

Construction is expected to begin in Fall 2022.  Two-way traffic will need to remain for majority of the construction phase since some detours are non-existent or are very long for the residents, businesses, school district, and emergency services.     


  • Fully replace pavement and widen Boschertown Road to a three-lane roadway with 11' lanes, including a center turn lane and 2 foot wide shoulders. 
  • Extend existing watermain
  • Relocate northern portion of Boschertown Road to provide more intersection spacing and improve traffic flow.

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Contact Information

Jonathan Silver
Project Manager
Department of Engineering 

Water Main Installation-1