Long Range Transportation Plan

The Purpose

The primary goal of the Long Range Transportation Plan is to provide recommendations for future City investments in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The Plan contains a comprehensive list of current and future transportation infrastructure projects that will improve traffic flow and ensure pedestrian safety.

These projects are broken into 4 categories based on funding status: 

  1. Completed Projects - funds have been fully spent; 
  2. Active Projects - currently spending funds; 
  3. Planned Projects - have not started but have funds allocated in CIP;
  4. Future Projects-  currently have no funds allocated.

On the map featured to the right and linked below, you can see there are 18 active projects (blue), 8 planned projects (orange) and 43 future projects (purple). Active projects are either in the design or construction phase. Planned projects have not started design but have funds set aside for the project; while future projects have not started design and have not gathered funding. See the Long Range Transportation Plan Outline below for detailed information on these projects.

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Contact Information

Kierstyn Lorince
Assistant City Engineer - Development
Department of Engineering

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