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*Moratorium on Residentially Zoned Short Term Rentals*

The St. Charles City Council has approved a moratorium on new Short Term Rentals IN RESIDENTIALLY ZONED PROPERTIES effective June 17, 2023 (see Resolution #23-007 to read the full document). Therefore, no new applications received after Friday, June 16, 2023 at 5pm will processed by City Staff for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for any STR in Residentially Zoned properties. Per City Council resolution, the moratorium will end on June 17, 2024 and at that time, new short term rental applications for Residentially Zoned Properties may be accepted and processed.

 This Moratorium does NOT amend required compliance to the 500ft buffer or the maximum number of residentially zoned STRs within the City limits.

 Be advised, commercially zoned properties located within the Extended Historic Preservation District are not subject to this moratorium and may still be submitted for City review.   

 Zoning for prospective STRs may be verified via the City of St. Charles Interactive Map or by phone at 636-949-3222.

Short Term Rental Rules and Regulations

 On August 2, 2022, the City Council passed Ordinance #22-104 which established new regulations for Short Term Rentals. Anyone who wishes to operate a Short Term Rental in the City of St. Charles after this effective date shall comply with the requirements as set forth in Ordinance #22-104. Some of the regulations for operating a Short Term Rental, including new requirements from this ordinance, include the following:

  • All Short Term Rental Properties must have an approved Short Term Rental Permit prior to operating. The permit is required to be renewed each year and includes an annual safety inspection. Do not call to schedule an inspection. Staff will schedule an inspection at the appropriate time.
  • Occupancy of a Short Term Rental is only allowed within the primary structure.
  • Off-street parking is required by the Zoning Code. One parking space is required for each bedroom utilized as a Short Term Rental.
  • No amplified or reproduced sound shall be used outside or audible from the property line of a Short Term Rental Property between the hours of 10:00pm and 10:00am.
  • A noise monitoring device is  mandatory for each Short Term Rental Property to notify the host of any noise deemed unreasonable. Inspectors will check for this device during the annual safety inspection. Do not call to schedule an inspection. Staff will schedule an inspection at the appropriate time. 
  • The owner or operator of a Short Term Rental shall use reasonably prudent business practices to insure that guests do not create unreasonable noise or disturbances, engage in disorderly conduct, or violate any applicable law, ordinance, rule, or regulation pertaining to the use and occupancy of the Short Term Rental Property.

For residentially zoned properties (Note: no new applications June 17, 2023 - June 17, 2024 per moratorium):

  1. Conditional Use Permit Required - Short Term Rentals are available to operate City wide upon approval of a Conditional Use Permit. Conditional Uses require Public Hearings and are ultimately voted on by City Council. Approval of a Conditional Use Permit is required prior to apply for a Short Term Rental Permit and Short Term Rental Business License. Download Permit Application
  2. Buffer Requirement - In order to qualify, the proposed Short Term Rental Property must be at least 500 feet away from any other existing/approved Short Term Rental Property within a residential zoning district. If you are curious on the applicability of a buffer to a potential property, please use this link to the newly developed Short Term Rental Map.
  3. Maximum Number of Short Term Rental Properties - Total Short Term Rentals within residentially zoned areas shall be limited to no more than 0.5% of the total housing units in the City as identified by the most recent decennial census (i.e. approximately 150 units).

For commercially zoned properties:

Short Term Rentals are only available within the boundaries of the EHP Extended Historic Preservation District overlay. A Conditional Use Permit is not required for proposed Short Term Rentals within this designated area. Contact staff to begin the application process: 636.949.3222

Short Term Rental Interactive Map:

The City has developed a map which depicts all approved Short Term Rentals and pending applications in one convenient spot.  While using this map, you can type in a specific address or navigate to the area to view all approved an pending applications.   This map is constantly being updated as we review and approve applications.  This map can also be used to inquire and notify the City of possible illegal Short Term Rental uses by clicking on the parcel and selecting the appropriate box when prompted. Upon receipt of the alleged illegal use, staff will research and respond accordingly.  Click here to view the Map.

Annual Short Term Rental Inspections:

The City wants your Short Term Rental to be successful and safe for you and your guests.  We have created a brief guide to help you determine some common items that may be found during your inspection.  This guide is not all-encompassing, only common items that come up most frequently.  

Call Community Development to Verify Zoning: 636.949.3222

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