Levels of Service

Winter and the weather it brings our region can lead to a balancing act of priorities for the Department of Public Works. The City of St. Charles classifies streets based on the function, volume and importance to the welfare of the community. Throughout winter weather events, Public Works attempts to keep all City streets sufficiently passable. The order with which roads are cleared during winter weather operations is based on the roads priority.

Priority 1 – Arterials – High volume streets or thoroughfares that connect major sections of the City and provide access for emergency fire, police and medical services

Priority 2 – Collectors – Major collector thoroughfares or main subdivision collector streets that provide access to arterial routes

Priority 3 – Residential Streets – Low volume residential streets

Public Works operated trucks will first concentrate on Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes. However, one goal for snow and ice removal is to achieve and maintain safe traffic movements throughout the City. To accomplish this task, contractors are often dispatched to clear Priority 3 (residential streets) prior to treatment by Public Works trucks.

The minimum level of service for thoroughfares is to clear the through lanes and left-turn lanes at intersections and median breaks to a packed snow cover. Exclusive right-turn lanes and joint center-turn lanes may be left unplowed. This strategy will allow adequate movement by properly equipped and prudently operated vehicles. In these conditions, travel delays may be likely and surface conditions will require slower speeds. Furthermore, roadway widths could be reduced by banked snow.