Domestic Avocation Permit
If a resident is interested in having more than 2 dogs or 3 cats or 4 of any combination of such animals, they must obtain a Domestic Avocation Permit. The permit allows keeping of the excess animals with approval of 75% of property owners within 75 feet of the applicant's property line and includes requirements for inspection of the property and approval of the city. The Domestic Avocation Permit must be renewed every year cost is $20 per year.

Commercial Animal Facility Permits
Commercial Animal Facilities include pet shops, auctions, riding schools, stable, guard dog service, dog trainer, or other animal related activity and have similar requirements to those for kennel permit. Cost for a Commercial Animal Facility permit is $100 per year.

Grooming Establishment License
Grooming establishments may provide animal grooming services and have various regulations governing operation of their business to insure health and humane practices. The cost of a Groom Establishment License is $60 per year.

Cattery License
A Cattery is any location which houses more than 3 cats for any purpose. The Cattery License requires compliance with zoning restrictions, maintenance of proper facilities for the health and humane treatment of animals, and other requirements. A Cattery License is available for commercial and hobby use at the cost of $60 per year.

Kennel Permits
A Kennel Permit is available for commercial and hobby use at the cost of $250 per year.