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Animal Control Services

The City of Saint Charles Animal Control Department is responsible for:

  1. Enforcing pet ordinances
  2. Investigating animal abuse/neglect cases
  3. Issuing commercial permits for animal-related businesses
  4. Managing animal capture and/or impound
  5. Performing bite investigations

Emergency Calls

Animal Control personnel will respond to emergency calls (bite cases, aggressive dogs, injured animals, etc.) before or after business hours.

Pet Ordinances

The City of Saint Charles has ordinances for pet owners to follow in order to help keep people and pets happy. The following is a brief summary of these ordinances:

  • All animals must be on a 6-foot leash at all times when off the owner’s property or be restrained on the owner’s property.
  • All animals must be provided with wholesome food, clean water, shelter, and health care necessary to maintain the animal’s good health.
  • All dogs, cats, ferrets, and other domestic animals are required to be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian by the age for 4 months and be registered with the St. Charles County Rabies Control. All pets must be current every year and display their current rabies vaccination tag.
  • The number of animals at a residence shall not exceed more than 2 dogs or 3 cats, or any combination of such animals exceeding 4 in number of the age of 6 months (request copy of full ordinance for exceptions to limit).
  • City ordinance prohibits anyone keeping on their premises any dog that frequently barks, howls, whines, or yelps causing fear or annoyance to persons living in the immediate area.
  • Any person having physical control/possession of any animal is responsible for disposing of any fecal matter deposited by that animal. This includes but not limited to the owner’s private property, another person’s private property, vacant property, streets, sidewalks, parking lots, common ground areas, and all public park areas.

To review the complete set of city ordinances, please visit our ordinances page.


Domestic Avocation Permit

If a resident is interested in having more than 2 dogs or 3 cats or 4 of any combination of such animals, they must obtain a Domestic Avocation Permit. The permit allows keeping of the excess animals with approval of 75% of property owners within 75 feet of the applicant’s property line and includes requirements for inspection of the property and approval of the city. The Domestic Avocation Permit must be renewed every year cost is $20 per year.

Additional Permits Available - Contact Animal Control 

Commercial Animal Facilities, Grooming Establishments, Cattery License, Kennel Permits. Contact Animal Control for more details .             

(636) 949 - 3395


Policy regarding animal traps:

We do not loan out traps for wildlife removal. Please contact our office for more information if you are experiencing a problem with wildlife.

 Our office will not relocate wildlife that a resident has trapped themselves. If you find yourself in this situation where you have a wild animal in your own trap that you have set and you are not comfortable removing it, please contact the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Humane Society - Wildlife Management

Do not trap on Saturday nights or holidays as we will not have anyone available to pick up the animal. It is the responsibility of the trapper to contact us during business hours to have the animal picked up and pay the fees. It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for any animal caught in the trap. Any damage to, loss of, or failure to return the trap for any reason will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. Additional fees may apply for current replacement cost.



Animals captured and impounded by the City of St. Charles may be reclaimed by the owner upon presentation of an up-to-date vaccination certificate and payment of the following fee:

First impound - $35
Second impound - $50
Third impound - $85 and summons

Bite Investigation

When an animal bites a person or another animal and a complaint is filed, an investigation is required. The cost for the investigation is the responsibility of the offending animal’s owner. If the animal must be impounded at the Animal Shelter, there will be a $10 Bite Report fee plus a $10 per day room and board fee for the 10 days. If the animal is quarantined at home there are guidelines the owner must abide by for the 10 days.

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