Planning Division

The Community Development’s Planning and Zoning Division has three major areas of responsibility: 

  • Planning and Zoning
  • Floodplain Administration
  • Historic Preservation

Several boards and commissions are supported by staff members from the Planning and Zoning Division.  These include:

  • Board of Adjustment
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Landmarks Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Special Business District Advisory Board

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Planning and Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Division interprets the zoning code, updates and provides city maps (with various information such as zoning designations, ward divisions, annexations, etc.), and maintains the Comprehensive Plan based on major changes in public and private sector investment.

The Planning and Zoning Division reviews the following:

  • Site plans of any new building or additions for zoning compliance
  • Sign permits
  • Building permits
  • Subdivision review

Flood Administration
The City of Saint Charles is a participating member in the National Flood Insurance Program, also known as the NFIP.  Associated with this membership, the Planning and Zoning Division administers the City’s floodplain regulations to ensure compliance with City, State and Federal regulations in order to remain a participating member of the NFIP.  Being a participating member allows citizens of the City to obtain flood insurance. 

Flood insurance is important for homeowners, renters and businesses.  The flooding and severe storms that occurred April 28-May 11, 2017 damaged more than 1,000 structures in Missouri.  Many homeowners, business owners and renters had a flood insurance policy, but some did not.  Floods can affect anyone and are the most common and most costly natural disasters in the United States.  Without flood insurance, it may be too costly for the owners to repair or rebuild after the disaster.  

For more information concerning the floodplain, please feel free to visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have any additional questions concerning the floodplain, floodplain development permits, to view the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), or improvements within the floodplain, please feel free to contact the Division for assistance.  Please be aware:  the City legally cannot determine if your property is located in the floodplain as this requires either a determination by a Flood Zone Determination Company, your insurance provider or a Registered Missouri Land Surveyor.  


Floodplain Development Permit

Historic Preservation

In recognition of the importance of the community’s historic resources, the St. Charles City Council enacted a historic preservation ordinance and created a Historic Landmarks Preservation and Architectural Review Board (HLPARB) for the purpose of preserving and protecting the city’s historic resources for future generations. The City has designated 26 individual Landmarks and 6 historic districts containing more than 3,000 properties: the South Main Preservation District, Historic Downtown District, Frenchtown Preservation District, Commons Preservation District, Landmarks Preservation District, and the Extended Historic Preservation District.  Property owners should consult the accompanying maps to determine if their properties are located in one of these historic districts. If so, Landmarks Board approval is required before changes are made to the exterior of any primary or secondary building, such as the replacement of windows, doors, decorative elements, installation of siding or replacement of porches. Also, in most cases work to the exterior of a house or garage which requires a building permit must receive Landmarks Board approval.  To determine if the project you are considering requires Landmarks Board approval, please contact staff at 636-949-3228. Some work is considered maintenance and may not need approval from Landmarks Board.  In addition, the Board must approve demolition and new construction, including the installation of fences.

Design guidelines have been created for each of the districts to assist the HLPARB in conducting its review of projects (South Main Historic Downtown Frenchtown The Commons Extended Historic Preservation District).   The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for  Rehabilitation ( are also used by the Board. Property owners should use these resources, as well, when making decisions about anticipated work and maintaining their building’s historic character. To request Landmarks Board approval of any proposed work, a Certificate of Appropriateness Application should be submitted to the Department of Community Development. The HLPARB meets once per month, generally on the third Monday. A list of the Board’s meeting dates and deadlines can be accessed here.