Planning Division

The Community Development's Planning and Zoning Division has 2 major areas of responsibility: Planning and the Community Development Block Grant.

The Planning Division interprets the zoning code, updates and provides city maps (with various information such as zoning designations, ward divisions, annexations, etc.), and revises the Future Land Use Plan based on major changes in public and private sector investment.

The Planning Division reviews the site plans of any new buildings or additions for zoning compliance. This includes regulations such as setbacks from property lines, maximum coverage of lots, provision of required parking, etc. Commercial buildings and any buildings in the city's historic district are also reviewed architecturally. Signs are also reviewed for design as well as for maximum size and height. Proposed subdivisions are reviewed for compliance with the design standards for minimum lot area, lot width, and lot depth within a specific zoning district.

Several boards and commissions are supported by staff members from the Planning Division. These include:
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Citizens With Disabilities Advisory Board
  • Fair Housing Commission
  • Human Relations Commission
  • Landmarks Board
  • Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Special Business District Advisory Board
Community Development Block Grant
The City of St. Charles receives an annual grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG). As an "entitlement city", St. Charles is assured of receiving funding.

The amount is determined by a weighing of population, economic distress, and age of housing. All funds must be used to meet specific national objectives, which are:
  1. To benefit low and moderate income households
  2. To remove slum and blight
  3. To meet an urgent community need
Grant guidelines also list eligible activities. Some activities may be eligible but cannot be funded because they do not meet one of the national objectives.

A major ongoing activity that is included in the CDBG budget each year is the Home Improvement Loan Program. Public Works projects in low income neighborhoods have also been funded including upgrading streets, sidewalks, stormwater facilities, and sanitary sewer facilities.

A Code Enforcement Officer is assigned to the CDBG eligible neighborhoods to assist with the Home Improvement Loan Program and other activities.