Wastewater Treatment

The City has a contract with Woodard and Curran (W&C) for the operation and maintenance of our two sanitary sewer treatment plants and twenty-two lift stations. W&C provides management, operation, and maintenance expertise for the day-to-day operation and long-term capital asset management of the City of Saint Charles Wastewater Treatment Facilities. These facilities treat sewage to federal standards prior to discharge.


The facilities include:

  • Mississippi River Facility - 9.63 million gallons per day (MGD)
  • Missouri River Facility - 7.54 MGD
  • 22 lift stations


W&C is also responsible for the oversight of the City's industrial Pretreatment Program.

Wastewater Division staff are responsible for:

  • Efficient quality control
  • Regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Staffing
  • Safety performance
  • Management of operation and maintenance activities
  • Solids handling and disposal through the biosolids land application program
  • Industrial discharge monitoring
  • Maintain FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease) Program


The Street Division may be contacted for sanitary sewer back-ups or other residency issues.

For questions regarding the waste water treatment plants please contact Woodard and Curran:

Steve Lawrence - Project Manager
4933 Dwyer Road
Saint Charles, MO 63301

Ph: 636-250-4600