Mounted Police Unit


The City of Saint Charles Missouri began its Mounted Patrol in 1987 with a single horse and rider team. A short time later a second horse and rider team was added and we have been using 2 horse and rider teams ever since. Today our horse / rider teams are trained and certified in house through the only P.O.S.T. Certified Mounted Patrol School in the state of Missouri.


The Mounted Patrol's function is to provide a highly visible police presence in the Historic Main Street area, providing crowd control in the bar district, at festivals, and during the holiday season. The main goal is to deter crime before it happens while providing a positive police image.

When moving a crowd or breaking up a large fight, one horse / rider team can do the work of numerous officers on the ground, and a mounted officer has much better visibility in a large crowd than an officer on foot. The Mounted Patrol is also an important public relations tool for the police department and is often requested to:

  • Attend block parties and scouting events
  • Give demonstrations and lectures about our horses, police work in general, and child safety
  • Lead parades
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