Fire Station Tours


The St. Charles Fire Department is pleased to provide tours, apparatus at community events, fire extinguisher training along with many other types of outreach to the community.  In an effort to ensure that requests can be accommodated along with the other responsibilities that our personnel undertake, we ask that requests meet these simple requirements:

1.      Please contact the Fire Department Administrative Office at 636-949-3250 for requests or fill
        out the appropriate form below. 
2.      Public Relations assignments will be limited to two (2) events on any date.

The personnel of St. Charles Fire Department are pleased to be an asset to the community and welcome all opportunities to interact with the public.  We will attempt to fulfill all requests for public relations assignments.

Fire station tours are available upon request. Tours last 20-60 minutes depending on the size and age of the group. A typical tour will include the following: 

    • fire engine
    • fire gear
    • emergency medical equipment
    • living quarters
    • information concerning fire safety 
              Tours are scheduled between the hours of 9-11 a.m. and 1-7 p.m. Sunday through Saturday.                     Groups should be no larger than 25 persons including children and adults, and we request one                    adult chaperone for every five children.

              Fire crews remain available for calls during tours. This means that they may have to respond to a               call during the tour. If this should happen, the tour may need to be cancelled but can be                              rescheduled.

              Birthday party groups can tour stations, but due to the nature of a working fire station, we are                    unable to accommodate actual birthday parties.

              To schedule a tour, please complete the Tour Request Form. For questions, call 636-949-3250.
              For other Public Relations requests, please fill out this form.
              To request use of the Community Room, please fill out this form and see the terms of use.