A Business Snapshot of St. Charles

Hospital buildingThe City of St. Charles, Missouri is a great place to grow your business.


We are the 2nd largest city in the St. Louis region in the fastest growing county in the metropolitan area. Growth is the defining characteristic of St. Charles County, having a population increase of 33.3% since 1990 to 280,883 in 2000. Subsequently, US Census officially placed the count at 320,427 in 2004, another 12% increase.

Community Development

St. Charles is committed to providing the infrastructure needed for the growth and development of the community. Federal, state and local funding are contributing to an expansion of the transportation system, specifically improvements to Interstate 70, Highway 94 interchange, the 10-lane Highway 364 / Page Avenue bridge opened in December, 2003. An extensive fiber optic system is provided throughout the city by SBC. The City of St. Charles is the largest city in Missouri that is 100% DSL accessible.