Business Licenses

Per City Ordinance (Chapter 110), anyone doing business in the City of St. Charles must have a business license issued by the City of St. Charles. This includes:

  • All businesses with a St. Charles address
  • All professionals
  • Out-of-city businesses such as contractors, sub-contractors, delivery businesses, etc.
  • Residents working from their homes


Doing business in the city is defined as being located in or entering into the city to conduct business with the intent of being paid. This includes businesses based in other cities that enter St. Charles as part of their work such as contractors and delivery companies. It also includes businesses that are located here but may not have customers in St. Charles. Having a presence, even temporarily, in St. Charles requires a business license.


Since our Business License Application forms are business-specific, we do not post them all online. To apply for the business license you need, please visit the Collections Office, 1st floor, City Hall, 200 N. 2nd Street. If you have any questions, please call 636-949-3212.