Liquor License

Many different licenses related to the making, serving, or selling of liquor are issued by the city's Collections Office, which is located on:

City Hall
1st Floor
200 N. 2nd Street
St. Charles, MO 63301

Instructions For Application

  1. Obtain a Liquor License packet from the Collections Office.
  2. Complete all forms.
  3. Mail the complete Missouri State Highway Patrol Request for Criminal Record Check, along with the required fee, to the State as indicated. Allow up to three weeks for results to be returned to the Collections Office.
  4. Return other remaining forms to the Collections Office with:
    1. Your fee payment
    2. A copy of the applicant's drivers license
    3. A recent photograph of the applicant
    4. A photograph of the outside of the building
    5. A diagram of the inside floor plan showing the floor(s) for which the license is desired and a description of the room(s) by square footage
    6. Proof of the right to possess the premises (deed, bona fide sales contract or option duly executed, a bona fide lease duly executed by the lessor, or an option for a lease duly executed)
    7. A No Sales Tax letter issued from the Missouri Department of Revenue dated within the last 90 days.
  5. The completed forms, along with the above mentioned items and the Criminal Record Check, must be filed with the Director of Finance at least 10 days before the next City Council meeting in order for the City Council to consider the application.

Other Important Requirements

  • On September 25, 2018, the City enacted Ordinance No. 18-201 that made significant changes to City of Saint Charles, Missouri Code of Ordinances Chapter 600, Liquor Control. Ordinance No. 18-201 can be accessed at the link below: 

    Ordinance No. 18-201 (PDF) 

  • All applicants must comply with Chapter 115 of the St. Charles Code of Ordinances as well as other state laws and regulations.
  • Applicant must have paid all taxes and fees due the city. All licenses, permits, zoning information, building and fire code requirements must be met before the license can be issued.
  • For locations applying as a restaurant, proof of at least 50% of gross income being derived from sale of food may be required after 90 days of operation.
  • If a full liquor license is applied for at a location where a full liquor license was previously issued and the original business is no longer in operation, a letter of relinquishment from the previous owner / applicant must be received or the previous owner's certificate must be surrendered prior to issuing a new license.
  • Zoning requirements and off-street parking requirements must be met depending on the type of business and the amount of floor area of the building used for the business.