Trash Service

Trash is collected once per week from the provided trash cart. Your service day will vary depending upon your address. All containers must be accessible and ready for service by 6 a.m. on the assigned service day. View pick up days and map (PDF) online.

Republic Services is the current provider of residential waste removal service in the City of St. Charles. Republic Services is a local company committed to providing the highest quality service, in an environmentally responsible manner.

Service Fees

The quarterly rate for service depends on the size cart you request. There is a one-time delivery fee for the carts of $16.50. This fee also applies for cart exchanges requested by residents. Unless the cart is damaged and needs to be replaced, then there is no charge for these types of exchanges. 

48-gallon trash cart is $36.36 per quarter
65-gallon trash cart is $47.43 per quarter
95-gallon trash cart is $48.96 per quarter

Automated Trucks

Effective February 6, 2012, the city will begin using automated trash trucks, and all City residences will have to use the provided rolling carts for trash and recycling. Additional trash carts can be rented for $5.00 per month or $15.00 per quarter if the one is not enough.

Recycling Pickup

The recycling pickup is single stream, which means all recyclable materials (paper, glass, aluminum and most types of plastic) can go into one container.

Yard Waste

Once-weekly yard waste service is also available from March 1 through December 31 or occasionally with the use of yard waste tags. View more information on yard waste service.

All waste containers must be accessible and ready for service by 6 a.m. on the assigned service days. For all questions, please contact our local Republic Services customer service representative at 636-255-6142 (Monday through Friday) or 636-947-5959 (Saturday).