1. A Business Snapshot of St. Charles

    The City of St. Charles, Missouri is a great place to grow your business.

  2. Before Purchasing Land

    Before purchasing a lot or tract of land for your business, first explore land use restrictions, zoning restrictions, building codes, and fire codes by contacting the various city departments.

  3. Business Licenses

    Per City Ordinance (Chapter 110), anyone doing business in the City of St. Charles must have a business license issued by the City of St. Charles.

  4. Buying or Starting a Business

    If you are starting a new business or have purchased an existing business, we are glad to have you in St. Charles.

  5. Chamber of Commerce

    The St. Charles Chamber of Commerce is in its 8th decade of serving the community, and nearly 600 members.

  6. Commercial Trash Service

    The City of St. Charles licenses all trash hauling companies operating within the city limits.

  7. Economic Development

    The Economic Development Department works diligently to ensure a pro-business climate that encourages our existing industries to grow and expand, and to attract new business to invest in our community.

  8. Guide to Opening Your Business (PDF)

    View a guide to new businesses in St. Charles.

  9. Liquor License

    Many different licenses related to the making, serving, or selling of liquor are issued by the city's Collections Office.

  10. New Construction

    If you want to develop a new site or building for your business, you will need to work with various city departments in order to meet city codes.

  11. Tourism License Tax

    To support tourism efforts, restaurant, hotel, and motel operators in the City of St. Charles are subject to a city tourism license tax of 1% of gross receipts.

  12. Utilities

    A whole host of quality service providers bring electricity, gas, and other essential services to St. Charles city businesses.