94 Water Tower - 14WTR13

Construction Ward - 4
Impacted Wards - Citywide
Contractor - Caldwell Tanks, Inc.
Project Description

The City of St. Charles' Water Master Plan indicated insufficient elevated water storage. A new water tower was recommended to provide sufficient capacity to serve existing and future development. This project will design and construct a new 2.0 million gallon water tower along Highway 94.

Project Location

1805 South Old Highway 94
Project Map

Contact Information

Coralie Steuber
Project Manager


Project Activities

  • The site survey for this project has been completed
  • Crews have demoed the site by removing concrete within the footprint of the new tank and a small block building at the back side of the site
  • The contractor crushed some of the demoed concrete to reuse on the site
  • The contractor has installed temporary fencing around the site as a safety barrier and to protect their equipment and supplies throughout the construction process
  • The foundation crew mobilized on April 19, 2016 and began installing auger cast piles
  • The auger cast pile installation was completed on April 25, 2016
  • The Contractor poured the concrete pile cap and work surface on April 28, 2016
  • The pedestal wall was completed the first week of August 2016 
  • The concrete dome was complete in early August 2016
  • Steel work began in August 2016
  • Painting crew completed their work in early November 2016
  • Crews raised the tank into place the week of November 7, 2016
  • In the middle of November 2016, crews tack welded the roof plates in place
  • Crews began making electrical connections in January 2017
  • In March 2017, crews completed connecting the tower, to the watermain, along Old Hwy 94
  • In March, painters began blasting and painting the interior and exterior (roof and the upper sidewall) of the tank
  • The interior and exterior pipe installation has been completed and pressure tested


Project Timeline

94 tower timeline

Project Progress

94 tower progress

Project Budget

94 tower budget
This project made possible through Water funds and bonds.

Project Risks

94 Water Tower Risks
If you have any questions regarding the project risks, please contact the project manager at the Engineering office, 636-949-3237.