Cole, Boschert, Crystal Springs Watershed Studies

Project Description

The City is investigating creek flooding by identifying threatened creek banks, evaluating undersized storm sewers, and identifying areas susceptible to poor water quality. This project will allow the City to prioritize and plan future Capital Improvement Projects.

Project Location

Cole, Boschert, Crystal Spring Watersheds

Contact Information

Brad Temme
Senior Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Data collection, data development, preparation and analysis for Crystal Springs began winter 2014 and are still in review as of summer 2014.
  • Data collection and data development for Cole and Boschert Creek also began in winter 2014. Analysis of study and storm water management plan preparations are anticipated to conclude winter 2015.

Project Timeline


Project Progress


Project Budget

Cole, Boschert, Crystal Springs Watershed
This project made possible through Gaming funds.