West Clay Reconstruction - 13STR67

Construction Ward - 9

Contractor - JM Marschuetz Construction Co

Project Description

This project will address failing roadway pavement via full depth reconstruction of the roadway on West Clay Street. Additionally, sidewalk infrastructure will be constructed on each side of West Clay Street where existing sidewalk is non-compliant with ADA accessibility standards and/or locations where sidewalks do not currently exist.

Project Location

Along the intersections of White Gate Lane to Duchesne Drive and Hawks Nest Drive.
Project Map (PDF)

Contact Information

Coralie Steuber
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • In May of 2017, the contractor completed the pavement markings at Westbury and Kingston Terrace
  • In November of 2016, the contractor broke and removed new pavement sections that did not meet strength requirements
  • Westbury (at the Ford dealership) was reopened to traffic in mid-July
  • New pavement was opened to traffic in late July
  • The westbound lanes are closed so crews can rebuild the lanes
  • Forms were set on the westbound lanes during the first week of August
  • Main line paving of the Westbound lanes was complete in August
  • Utility relocation agreements are complete
  • Temporary striping is complete. There is no left turn from West Clay driving eastbound onto Duchesne and the double yellow line throughout the project limits means two way traffic - one lane each direction
  • The contractor has completed the installation of the new 12" water main in the Eastbound lanes of West Clay
  • Contractors tested for utility conflicts so that storm sewer improvements could move forward
  • Construction of the retaining wall on the south-side of West Clay is complete
  • Milling and pavement removal began the week of 4/18/2016
  • Roadway pavement completed in September

Supporting Documents

Project Timeline

west clay timeline

Project Progress

west clay progress

Project Budget

west clay budget
This project made possible through County Road Board and Capital funding.

Project Risks

West Clay Recon Risks

If you have any questions regarding the project risks, please contact the project manager at the Engineering Office, 636-949-3237.