Boschert Creek Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Project Description

The City’s Water Pollution Control (WPC) division has located a manhole/cistern just north of Pine St. that does not drain properly. Attempts to use the Vactor Truck to pump down the line have failed. Reconstructing the main in this area will allow for a gravity flow system that does not back up. Additionally, the WPC has noticed a lot of flow seeping into the manholes upstream of this location. Sealing the manhole structures will extend the life of the structure and reuse infiltration. The project is intended to replace approximately 460 feet of 8" sanitary main and manholes to create positive drainage and seal three manholes.

Project Location

Along Boschert Creek from Pine Street to Easton Place Connection.
Project Map

Contact Information

Steve Dansberry 
Project Manager

Project Timeline

Boschert Creek

Project Progress

Boschert Creek

Project Budget

Boschert Creek Project Budget
This project made possible through Sanitary Sewer funds.

Project Risks

Boschert Creek Risks

If you have any questions regarding the project risks, please contact the project manager at the Public Works office, 636-949-3237.