30-35 Terrie Lane Storm Sewer

Project Description

This subdivision has no storm sewers in the rear of the properties. During heavy rain, water has entered the basement of one of the homes by topping the window wells. There has been occurrences of flooding and sedimentation on the carport of a second home. The project intends to install new storm sewer and inlets along the side property lines between the houses on Terrie Ln. and tie into the existing storm sewer system.

Project Location

Along 30-35 Terrie Lane
Project Map (PNG)

Contact Information

Steve Dansberry
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Upon substantial completion, it was noted that the project did not fix flooding issues at 31 Terrie Ln.
  • Additional grading will begin in Spring 2016 to address the unresolved flooding issue.

Project Timeline

terrie timeline

Project Progress

terrie progress

Project Budget

30-35 Terrie Storm Project Budget

This project made possible through Gaming funds.

Project Risks

30-35 Terrie

If you have any questions regarding the project risks, please contact the project manager at the Public Works office, 636-949-3237.