Zumbehl and Friedens Pavement Rehabilitation - 14STR10

Construction Ward - 4

Contractor - Gershenson Construction Co.

Project Description

This project will encompass a wide variety of repairs from Veterans Memorial to Arena Parkway. The improvements include pavement repair, joint repair, sidewalk repairs and diamond grinding.

Project Location

Along Zumbehl and Friedens Roads between Veterans Memorial and Arena Parkway.

Contact Information

Jon Swagman
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Construction began the week of March 6, 2017
    • Drivers should expect frequent lane shifts during construction
    • Crews began saw cutting and removing slabs and sidewalk sections from the north end of the project limits in March 2017
    • The contractor completed repairs on the right southbound lane at the south end of Zumbehl in late April
    • The week of May 1, 2017, the contractor will set up a lane drop back at the north end Zumbehl (south of 70) for the left thru lane concrete repairs
    • The week of May 22nd, crews began diamond grinding the right lanes of Zumbehl from Veterans Memorial to Highway 94. Diamond grinding is a concrete pavement rehabilitation process similar to milling for asphalt roads. The process helps correct irregularities in the pavement surface, creating a smoother ride for vehicles. The process also helps with the load transfer of vehicles as they travel from one concrete panel to another, essentially extending the life of the driving surface
    • During the week of May 28th, the construction crews completed diamond grinding on the southbound lanes of Zumbehl. They also completed the ADA ramps along northbound Zumbehl
    • The contractor completed pavement repairs on Zumbehl during the week of June 11
    • Pavement repairs to the southbound lanes of Friedens began the week of June 11
    • The week of June 18, contractors began diamond grinding the northbound lanes of Zumbehl
    • The week of June 25, the Contractors began pouring ADA ramps and sidewalk on the west side of Friedens Rd.
    • On August 3rd, crews made the final roadway pavement repairs to the northbound lanes of Zumbehl
    • The week of August 6, crews began diamond grinding the northbound lanes
    • Crews began mud-jacking sidewalk panels in within the project limits the week of August 21, 2017
    • Diamond grinding will be completed by the third week of September
    • Lane striping began the week of September 11, 2017
    • Construction is expected to be complete in October 2017
  • Received authority to advertise in September 2016
  • Put out to bid in October 2016
  • The City secured engineering services for design efforts in 2015
  • Construction bids were opened on November 28, 2016
  • Project Manager is working with MoDOT to award the contract

Project Timeline

zumbehl timeline

Project Progress

zumbehl progress

Project Budget

zumbehl fried budget
This project made possible through Federal and Gaming funds.