Department Structure

The Department is comprised of 110 sworn police officers and 40 civilian employees which serve a city of over 65,000 residents and covers roughly 21 square miles in St. Charles County. In 2014 the Department responded to 80279 calls for service and took 10,504 reports.

The Department is broken into two Service divisions, Operations Services and the Operations Services Support. The Operation Services consists of a patrol division and an investigative services division. The Operations Services Support consists of Animal Control, Communications, Detention, Evidence, and Records.

  1. Operations Services

    The Operation Services consists of the Patrol Division and Animal Control.

  2. Operations Services Support

    The Operations Services Support consists of Communications, Detention, Evidence, Investigative Division, and Records.

  3. Office of Professional Responsibility

    The Office of Professional Responsibility performs several critical functions of the Department including administrative investigations as well as performs as the Departments human resources liaison.

  4. Records Bureau

    The Records Bureau is responsible for all aspects of Police records management.

  5. Specialty Units

    Members are involved in a number of different specialties, all designed to better serve and protect the community.