Operations Support Bureau

The Operations Services Support is commanded by a Deputy Chief of Police, who reports directly to the Chief of Police. Operations Services Support has three primary responsibilities. One is to coordinate and manage the Department’s assets in a manner that will assist and support the Operations Services in accomplishing the Department’s Mission. Second is to develop and manage the Department’s budget and is the point of contact concerning all fiscal matters relating to the Department. Third, the Operations Support Services provides support to the Patrol Operations by managing and coordinating the Communications Division, the Investigative Division, Records Division, and to maintain and staff the Detention Facility.

The Investigations Division is under the command of two (2) Investigative Sergeants who report to the Operations Services Support Lieutenant. The Investigative Sergeants have direct supervision over Investigators, Task Force Officers, and the Crime Analysts. The Investigations Division is responsible for conducting follow up investigations of offenses reported to the Department.  

The Evidence Services is under the command of the Evidence Technician who reports to the Operations Services Support Lieutenant. The Evidence Technician is responsible for logging, maintaining, and disposal all of the evidence collected and stored at the Department. 

The Records Division is responsible for responding to customer service requests. When the staff is not responding to customer service requests, they can be found entering data into local, county, state and national computer databases; maintaining the security and accuracy of the department's Records Management System.

The Communications Division is responsible for taking 911 calls and calls from the public regarding emergencies requiring a police presence and relay information to first responders. 

The Desk/Detention Division is responsible for manning the jail and front desk of the Criminal Justice Center.

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