Community Development Forms

Below you will find the commonly used forms within the Community Development Department. If the form you are trying to locate cannot be found in this list, please contact Community Development at 636.949.3222.  

  1. Annexation Petition for Contiguous Properties Application- REV.pdf
  2. Annexation Petition for Non-Contiguous Properties Application.pdf
  3. Application to Amend a PD District.pdf
  4. Bicycle Parking Application (PDF)
  5. BOA Appeal Application.pdf
  6. Boundary Adjustment Plat Application.pdf
  7. Building Permit Application.pdf
  8. Certificate of Appropriateness Application.pdf
  9. Certification of Occupancy.pdf
  10. Clothing Dropbox Permit Application.pdf
  11. Conditional Use Application Administrative Transfer.pdf
  12. Conditional Use Application.pdf
  13. Demolition Permit Application (PDF)
  14. Directions for Digital Submittal
  15. Drainlayer Info
  16. Electrician Information.pdf
  17. Establish Zoning New Tract App.pdf
  18. Fence Permit Application
  19. Final Plat Application.pdf
  20. Fireworks Tent Permit Application.pdf
  21. Fire Permit Application Form.pdf
  22. Floodplain Development Permit.pdf
  23. Green Point Rating System Guide Application and Checklist (PDF)
  24. Historic District Permit.pdf
  25. Home Occupation Application
  26. HVAC Information
  27. LAND USE Tent Permit Application-2018.pdf
  28. Nonconforming Use Permit Application.pdf
  29. Occupancy Permit Questionnaire (PDF)
  30. Plumber Information
  31. Portable On Demand Storage Container (POD) Permit Application.pdf
  32. Prelim Plat Application.pdf
  33. Preservation Awards 2019 Form
  34. Rezoning Application.pdf
  35. Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application (PDF)
  36. Sign Application 2018.pdf
  37. Tent Fire Code Guidelines (PDF)
  38. Text Amendment Application (PDF)
  39. Valet Parking Application (PDF)
  40. Zoning Text Amendment Application (PDF)
  41. Site Plan Application.pdf
  42. Short Term Rental Permit.pdf
  43. Special Event Permit Application.pdf