Ward 6 - Jerry Reese

Jerry Reese Final 2020

Phone: 636-949-0100
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Council Committees:

  • Convention Center Oversight Committee

Council Liaison:

  • Council Liaison for Education
  • Council Liaison for Sister Cities
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Commission

Hello Fellow Residents of Ward 6!   It is my pleasure to serve as your representative on the St. Charles City Council.

Here are a few highlights of things happening in our City that I wanted to share with you:

Meals on Wheels

In 2015 we began offering City of St. Charles utility customers a voluntary way to donate to our Meals on Wheels Program directly from their utility bills. I am hoping you will join us in helping this vital program continue in the City of St. Charles. Both residents and businesses can contribute and make a difference!

The Meals on Wheels program in the City of St. Charles delivers a hot, nutritious meal Monday through Friday during the lunch hour. The City’s Senior Center currently serves about 150 meals per day to those in our area. But, they are serving much more than a meal. Meals on Wheels also provides much-needed contact for seniors who are alone during the day. The voluntary financial support for the program from utility customers will help the City of St. Charles continue the current program of providing hot, nutritious meals on a daily basis for our family members, friends and neighbors.

To sign up, contact the City’s finance staff at 636-949-3212

Truman Road Project completed

Since the completion of the Truman Road Reconstruction Project, our residents have enjoyed new pavement, new sidewalks and new bicycle paths.   The raising of Truman Road at West Clay Street has greatly improved the sight distance at this intersection.  This important upgrade, along with the additional safety improvements that have been made as part of this project, is gratifying.  This project has also enhanced our pedestrian and bicycle accessibility, and I am delighted with it's success.

Foundry Art Center

The City of St. Charles is a City full of history, new development, and a variety of great entertainment options. But, did you know it is also home to a wonderful art center? The Foundry Art Center. As a vibrant home to the arts, the Foundry Art Centre raises awareness and appreciation of the arts throughout the region. Alive with activity, the Centre’s programming reinforces the importance of the arts and helps ensure that arts and culture remain vital. Artists, patrons, young people and the community at large continually find new ways to interact at this unique facility.

The Foundry is home to exhibitions, studio artists, performances, special events and education programs for both adults and children. Learn more about this wonderful hidden gem in our city at the Foundy website

Please know that I am always here for the residents. Please take time to call or email if you have any questions. Remember I work for you, the residents of Ward 6 and I am here to serve.

Best wishes, Jerry