Route 94 & 370 Bike Trail - 15STR27

Construction Ward - 1
Contractor: Tramar Contracting, Inc.

Project Description

The City of Saint Charles is developing a bike trail connecting the Katy Trail to the Great Rivers Greenway. The trail will begin at the Katy Trail, run along Route 370, and end at Highway 94.

Project Location

Little Hills and Fifth Street, and along Hwy 94 between 370 and the entrance to Boeing
Project Map

Contact Info

Steve Dansberry
City Inspector

Current Project Activities

  • Engineering submitted our grant application for this project. Engineering is also getting assistance from Economic Development to obtain donated land and funds to strengthen our application scoring.

Project Timeline

94 370 bike timeline

Project Progress

94 370 bike progress

Project Risks

94 bike risjs
Funding being managed outside of the Engineering Department.