Human Relations Commission

respect harmony understanding



  • Alex Reichert, Chairperson
  • Jason Dunn, Vice-Chairperson
  • Carole Bannes
  • Ed Bryant
  • Tina Meier
  • Rodney Lewis
  • Randy McKinley, Police Chief
  • Chuck Lovelace, Staff Liaison
  • Bridget Ohmes, City Council Liaison


The purpose of the Human Relations Commission is to:

  • Promote respect, harmony, and understanding throughout the St. Charles community.
  • Endeavor to eliminate prejudice among citizens, groups, agencies, and departments within the City.
  • Promote mutual understanding and respect among all social, racial, religious, cultural, and ethnic groups in the community.

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Human Relations Award

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Art Contest

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  • 2020 Summary (TBA)
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Multicultural Reading Day

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