Long Range Sidewalk Plan

The City of St. Charles Long Range ADA Transition and Sidewalk Plan is another step towards establishing safe and convenient walking routes throughout the City to enhance the livability for residents and visitors. The primary focus has been to prioritize sidewalk repairs and installation by inventorying deficiencies in the City's existing walkway network and identifying opportunities and constraints to close gaps in the extensive surface infrastructure. Though sidewalks are considered a private responsibility by City Code Section 505.270, City Council apportions funds to improve sidewalks and the Public Works Department of the City of St. Charles serves as the appointed steward for that funding. Over the years, Public Works has moved from a reactive, spot-repair approach to a systematic, asset management approach to ensure the high level of quality of the infrastructure. The goals of the asset management methodology within the framework of this project are to:

  • Optimize the use of City funds in the maintenance and expansion of the sidewalk network
  • Achieve an ADA-compliant sidewalk network
  • Improve pedestrian safety throughout the City
  • Decrease roadway congestion and correspondingly improve transportation diversity to include increases among pedestrians, bicycles, and mass transportation
  • Support city neighborhoods and economic benefit by making the City more pedestrian friendly
  • Improve pedestrian access to public places for city residents and visitors
  • Improve public health and well-being by encouraging walking
  • Create a framework for public policy decision-making with regard to pedestrian issues