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The City of Saint Charles’ procurement process for professional services involves prequalification of consulting firms related to architectural, engineering, and land surveying services.

In June 2020, the City updated the City code to further define the scoring criteria and selection process.  Several of the Code updates pertain to local office requirements and scoring criteria.   The local consultant with the most full time employees staffed at the local office will receive the most points in the local office scoring category.  

View the entire code changes below:

City of Saint Charles Professional Consultant Procurement Process

  • Consultant submits prequalification packet to the Department of Engineering
  • City reviews prequalification and approves Consultant for each discipline of work
    1. Prequalification is eligible for three (3) years, the current status is available upon request to the Department of Engineering
  • City distributes expression of interest (EOI) request letter to all prequalified consultants in discipline(s) of work required for the project
  • Consultant submits a maximum 2 page EOI response letter
  • City evaluates each Consultant pre-qualification and EOI response to short list the three (3) most qualified consultants
  • City issues request for qualifications based proposal to the most qualified consultants
  • Consultant submits proposal
  • City evaluates each Consultant proposal to select the most qualified Consultant and to negotiate scope and fees for the Professional Services Contract
  • City obtains Board of Public Works and City Council authorization to execute contract, and distributes copies of executed agreements to all parties
  • City publishes project information including selected consultant to the City Website

With this process, consultants will be required to update their qualifications every three (3) years.  The City will not notify consultants of upcoming expiration.  Therefore, it is the consultant’s responsibility to maintain active qualifications.  Consultants may update supporting references and documents at any time.

For a complete list of prequalified consultants, please see our Prequalified Firms 06/16/2023 (PDF)

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