Consultant Information

As of February 2015 the City of Saint Charles has implemented a new process for the procurement of professional services from qualified consultants intended to decrease the amount of time necessary to procure professional architectural, engineering, and land surveying services.

The new selection process for professional services consists of six-steps:

  1. Consultant Prequalification by Discipline
  2. Expressions of Interests (EOIs)
  3. Selection of qualified consultants
  4. Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
  5. Selected Consultant Consent Agenda Report to Council and negotiation of services
  6. Council approval of the professional services contract (PSC)

Consultant Procurement Process

Consultant Procurement Process

With this new process, consultants will be required to update their qualifications at least every three years. The City will not notify consultants of upcoming expiration. Therefore it is the consultant's responsibility to maintain active qualifications. Consultants may update supporting references and documents at any time.

For a complete listing of prequalifications by discipline specialty please see our Prequalification Summary (PDF).

Standard Documents