Grant Funding Applications

East-West Gateway (EWG) had a call for applications for Surface Transportation Program – Suballocated (STP-S) and Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) projects. STP-S funds can be used for projects such as pavement preservation, highway expansion, congestion mitigation, safety, environmental mitigation, transit, and pedestrian facilities. CMAQ funds can be used for traffic flow improvement, demand management, shared ride services, bicycle/pedestrian facilities, transit vehicles/facilities, and operating assistance for new transit service.

The project applications were due on February 19, 2015. The City of St. Charles submitted 7 applications requesting a total of $15,708,118. The City submitted the following proposed projects: Friedens Road Street Lights, Harry S. Truman Road - Phase 2, West Clay St Preservation, Regency Parkway/Veterans Memorial Dr. Traffic Signal, Droste St. / W. Clay St. Intersection Realignment, St. Charles Bike/Pedestrian Facilities, and Elm Point Industrial Drive Traffic Signal.

EWG staff is currently evaluating the project applications and will present funding recommendations to the Transportation Planning Committee meetings in April.

A listing of the City's proposed projects is available now. To view information about a proposed project, please click on the project sponsor for more information on each project. A feedback form is available following the description of each proposed project. Feedback on our projects will be shared with the EWG Transportation Planning Committees, Executive Advisory Committee, and Board of Directors. We welcome your feedback on these projects. To provide feedback click the following link – scroll down to see the City of St. Charles drop down and you can view each project (please see image below). Here is the link: East West Gateway. The deadline for feedback is March 31, 2015.

EWG Feedback

The following is a description of each project the City submitted requesting funding.


This transportation project includes adding street and pedestrian lighting. Currently, along the project limits there are none and by installing the proposed street lighting, pedestrian and vehicular safety will greatly improve.


This project will continue the 10' multi-use trail on the west side of the roadway from Phase I through the end of the project limits. The proposed improvements include restoring a smooth driving surface to prolong the service life of the existing pavement. The project will address the potential flooding of the project corridor by raising the road above the 100 yr flood elevation level.


This project will rehabilitate existing pavement by performing full depth pavement repairs at low pavement condition sections, selective base and joint repairs and overlaying with new asphalt throughout. Also, this project will provide continuous sidewalks along the full length of the project, undergrounding of electric lines, and upgrading the City's aged water main and storm sewer system. Funding for the water main upgrades will come from a different source.


The intersection of VMP and Regency Memorial Parkway is currently a one stop sign traffic controlled intersection. Due to increased commercial growth, and increased traffic, a traffic signal will be designed and installed. This project will serve as a long term infrastructure investment that will enhance and foster the continued development of this area.


As part of the CMAQ portion of the West Clay Rd. rehabilitation project. The proposed project will realign the Droste Rd. at West Clay St. intersection eliminating the signal at the Chargene St. and West Clay St. intersection, and will provide a dedicated right turn lane for southbound Droste Rd. traffic. The project will also include continuous 8' wide sidewalks on the east side of Droste Rd. and 5' wide sidewalks on the west side that will transition to 8' wide sidewalks along W. Clay St. There are conflicting turning movements onto West Clay St. between the parking lot entrance to Lindenwood's Schniedegger Center for the Arts, and the trailer home community access road to West Clay St. (that is directly across from the Schniedegger parking lot entrance). For simplicity, this road will be referenced as Oakleaf Dr. The Oakleaf Dr. access to W. Clay St. will be eliminated and a cul-de-sac installed on Oakleaf Dr., just south of West Clay St. to allow access to the business facing West Clay St. There is also a proposed elimination of the Chargene St. access onto West Clay St. and the installation of a cul-de-sac on Chargene St. just south of West Clay St. to allow access to the business facing West Clay St. Since the Oakleaf Dr. access from/to West Clay St. will be eliminated, Oakleaf Dr. will be extended to connect to Chargene St. From Chargene St., access to West Clay St. through the adjacent residential neighborhood would still be available.


The Gateway Bike Plan provides a long-term vision for a connected system of road bicycle routes between communities, transit, greenways, and trails. This project includes a connected network of on-road bicycle paths and off-road multi-use paths throughout the City of St. Charles as well as ADA ramp and sidewalk improvements.


Currently, the intersection of Elm Point Industrial Drive and Mueller Road is a one stop sign traffic controlled intersection. Due to increased commercial and traffic growth, a traffic signal is proposed to be designed and installed. The traffic signal will serve as a long term infrastructure investment that will enhance and foster the continued development of the area.