West Clay Rehabilitation - East 

Impacted Wards - 2 & 9
Contractor - Krupp Construction

This project will overhaul West Clay Street from Duchesne to west of First Capitol Drive. The project will also realign the intersection of Droste and West Clay and remove a redundant signal at Chargene. The existing pavement in this corridor is in poor condition. The sidewalks are disconnected and in poor repair. The overhead utilities make improvements along the route difficult to construct. The project will rehab the roadway, provide bicycle and pedestrian facilities along West Clay Street, underground the overhead utilities, install decorative lighting and improve roadway drainage. The project has received outside funding from the County Road Board and the project was recommended in the Droste West Clay Duchesne Study to assist in the revitalization of the area.

Project Location

West Clay Street from Duchesne to west of First Capitol Drive

Contact Information

Coralie Steuber
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • County Road Board Funds were awarded in 2015
  • Federal STP-S funding application was submitted on March 3, 2016, and requested $1 million in federal funds
  • Design Notice to proceed and Kick-off Meeting were held on April 12, 2016
  • Open House was held on November 2, 2016
  • AT&T Traffic Plan (PDF)
  • Contractors will be demolishing 4 properties as a part of this project:
    • 501 Droste Road
    • 2408 West Clay Street
    • 2407 West Clay Street
    • 1010 Chargene Street
  • Spire began working on their West Clay utility relocations in August 2018
  • On Monday, April 8, the contractor will remove the signal lights at the intersection of Chargene and West Clay
  • On Tuesday, April 9, traffic between Droste and Duchesne will be moved to the northside of West Clay. All businesses will be accessible
  • Contractor continues to lay storm sewer and install conduits for utilities on the north side of West Clay & Droste
  • Utility companies are continuing to relocate their facilities 
  • 6/18 - 6/21 8am - 3pm: Contractor will be installing storm sewer pipe and structures across Droste and in the shopping center entrance from Droste near Charbo. 
    Shopping center entrance from Droste will be closed and can be accessed from West Clay
  • 60" storm sewer installation has begun adjacent to Walgreens and Oakleaf
  • Traffic switch from the south side of West Clay to the north side of West Clay beginning, August 1, 2019.
  • The contractor is boring and installing facilities for the utility companies (AT&T, Ameren, and Spectrum). They continue to work on storm sewer installation adjacent to Walgreens/new Droste alignment area and Oakleaf
  • Utility companies (AT&T, Ameren, & Charter) are continuing to relocate their facilities for the project
  • Update as of 10/3/19:  Utility companies (AT&T, Ameren, & Charter) are continuing to relocate their facilities for the project and utility investigation continues throughout the project limits.
    The contractor continues installing the new water main on Oakleaf and Chargene. Storm sewer is being installed on south side of West Clay and along Chargene.
    The week of October 7 - October 11,  Chargene will be closed just south of the Firestone entrance between 7:00am and 4:00pm to continue to install the storm sewer and water main across Chargene. Firestone will remain accessible off of Chargene.

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