Proposition P

Proposition P for Parks and Stormwater

What's Happening In Parks & Recreation?
​Wapelhorst and Blanchette Aquatic Facilities are now in the process of being designed and engineered from the conceptual drawings. ​Kimley-Horn and Associates in conjunction with Counsilman-Hunsaker are under contract and we will be spending the winter diving into the details of layouts, designs, amenities, slides, filtration systems, pumps, motors, spraygrounds, shade structures, and multipassenger rides. Our goal is to place the two facilities out to bid before the end of the first quarter in 2017. We understand your love for your aquatic facilities and are ready to get swimming now. We will keep you informed of our progress and always give us a call if you have any questions.

​Playground research for replacement has begun for 6 play areas. A properly designed play environment challenges all children, provides them with opportunities to learn and fail (safely) while building strength, agility, balance, coordination, socialization and self-image. We are excited new playgrounds are a part of Prop P Parks Projects as children need to spend more time outdoors than in front of a screen.

​ In the Spring of 2017, we will be providing more information about the playgrounds and timelines of replacements. The planned improvements to several Athletic Fields around the City are beginning to come together. Whether replacing field lights, dugout covers, enhanced playing surface or adding new lights to an existing facility, we are preparing a detailed package of amenities to boost your experience while playing a variety of sports in St Charles.

Wapelhorst park

Public Works, Engineering & Stormwater Projects
​The Department of Public Works, Department of Engineering and the Stormwater Task Force have been busy prioritizing projects across the City. The Task Force has recommended 23 projects to be completed, some of which have already entered the design phase.
​ * These projects are listed in no particular order
​1.Rio Vista & 5th Street Culverts
​2.Cole Creek Flood Reduction - Elm to Droste
​3.Boschert Creek at Indian Hills / Cole Creek at Foxglove
​4.Elm & Sibley Culverts
​5.Barthel / North Main Drainage Improvements
​6.Boschert Creek Stabilization -LeChateau Ct.
​7.Boschert Creek Levee Study
​8.MO Flood Gates #1
​9.North Second Street & Lawrence Storm Drainage
​10.Clark Street Storm Drainage
​11.Cole Creek at Zumbehl Bank Stabilization
​12.Concordia Culvert Replacement
​13.Nathan Street to Rosebrea Storm Drainage
​14. West Branch of Sandfort Creek at Harry S. Truman  
​15.7th Street to Boone's Lick Storm Drainage
​16.North Benton Ave to North Main Storm Drainage
​17.Thrush Drive Storm Drainage
​18.Randolph Storm Drainage
​19.Transit Street (5th to Main) Storm Drainage
​20.Perry Street to Riverside Drive Storm Drainage
​21.MO Flood Gates #2 & #3
​22.Mayer / Treadway Storm Drainage
​23.Bridal Spur Culvert Replacement