Second Street Waterline Replacement - 16WTR32

Construction Ward - 2

Contractor - Unnerstall Contracting

Project Description

The existing waterline along Second Street has experienced multiple breaks since 2011. This project will replace the existing six inch watermain with a new eight inch watermain. The new main will provide a redundant feed to the downtown area in the event of breaks on First Capitol Drive and Madison. Unnerstall Contracting has been awarded the contract for this project.

Project Location

Second Street from Boone's Lick to First Capitol Drive

Contact Information

Todd Strong
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

To increase safety for pedestrians, motorists and the contractor, Second Street will be closed one block at a time during construction. As one block is complete, it will be reopened and the next block will be closed.

  • Project Charter approved in January 2016
  • Surveying to begin in Mid to Late August
  • Notice to Proceed will be issued on April 23, 2018
  • Crews began saw cutting the pavement on Second Street between Boone's Lick and McDonough the week of May 7
  • Week of May 21, crews completed trenching and laying new pipe from Boone's Lick to Chauncey
  • Week of June 3, crews completed installation of the new main to just south of Water Street
  • Crews placed more asphalt base the week of August 12
  • The week of August 19, crews worked on more cross street connections and new services between Boone's Lick and Perry Street
  • Crews have started asphalt, sidewalk and grass restoration
  • Pavement repairs were complete the week of October 21
  • Project was substantially complete the week of October 28

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