370 and Mel Wetter Interchange Study - 16STR8

Construction Ward - 7


Project Description

This project will study potential interchange improvements at MO 370 at Mel Wetter Parkway.  It is thought that the MO 370 and Mel Wetter Interchange would provide better access for the public to a major highway.This project will look at alternatives to providing access at this interchange and the traffic volume projections for the area.  

Project Location

Rio Vista Dr between San Carlos Dr and South Fifth Street
South Fifth Street between Southern Oaks Way and Willow Oak Dr. 

Contact Information

Matt Seggerman
Project Manager


Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved in May 2016
  • Survey notice issued in June 2016

Project Timeline

370 mel wetter timeline

Project Progress

370 mel wetter progress

Project Budget

370 mel wetter budget