Missouri Highway 370 and Mel Wetter Interchange Study - 16STR8

Construction Ward - 7

Project Description

This project will study potential interchange improvements at Missouri Highway 370 at Mel Wetter Parkway. It is thought that the Missouri Highway 370 and Mel Wetter Interchange would provide better access for the public to a major highway. This project will look at alternatives to providing access at this interchange and the traffic volume projections for the area.

Project Location

Missouri Highway 370, West of Mel Wetter Overpass to East of Third Street

Contact Information

Matt Seggerman
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved in May 2016
  • Community Advisory Group Meeting was held in May 2017
  • Missouri Highway 370 - Mel Wetter Interchange Study Open House was held on November 2, 2017 at the Public Works Facility

Possible Alternatives

Alternative A - Roundabout (PDF)
Alternative B - 3 Traffic Signals (PDF)

Additional Information

Community Advisory Group Agenda (PDF)
Community Advisory Group Presentation (PDF)


Mel Wetter 370 Interchange - Current Configuration, 2040

Mel Wetter 370 Interchange - Alternative A, 2040

Project Timeline

370 mel wetter timeline

Project Progress

370 mel wetter progress

Project Budget

370 budget