Barthel and North Main Drainage Improvements - 16STM5

Construction Ward - 1

Contractor - JTL Landscaping

Project Description

The project will clear and improve conveyance of the existing open channel from North 3rd Street to North Main Street. This project will clean debris and silt from the existing box culvert in the 300 block of Barthel to the east side of North 3rd Street / Highway 94, just south of Highway 370. This will convert an unimproved drainage ditch to an engineered channel to help alleviate flash flooding on Highway 94 at this location.

Project Location

Barthel & 4th to N. Main, south of Hwy 370.

Contact Information

Tim Rohrbacker
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved in February 2016
  • Field survey approved in June 2016
  • Preliminary plan submitted in July 2016
  • Construction began in August 2017
  • Construction was substantially complete in January 2018

Project Schedule (JPG)

Project Timeline


Project Progress


Project Budget

barthel budget