Pralle Lane 38FF Water Upgrade

Project Description

This water line replacement/rehab project was identified as a High Priority Fire Flow Project (38FF) in the 2011 Water Master Plan. The project will construct approximately 1,610 feet of new 12" main.

Project Location

Pralle Ln. between Bluestone Dr. and Bayonne Dr.

Contact Information

Dave Bauman
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved in October 2014
  • A preconstruction meeting and Notice to Proceed were complete in September 2016
  • City Council approval was granted in Summer 2016
  • Survey approved in March 2015
  • Right-of-way plans/documents approved June 2015
  • Design completed in July 2016
  • Crews began construction in October 2016
  • In early November, crews placed the new 12" water main along Pralle Ln. from Bluestone Dr. to Honey Locust Ln.
  • During the second week of November, crews bored under Pralle Ln. and began placing pipe up to Sugar Maple
  • In the middle of November, the contractor began testing the new water main
  • Concrete Contractor began pouring new panels the week or November 28
  • Water main contractor finished the 12" main connection at Sugar Maple the week of November 28
  • Water main contractor started installing a new EZ valve on Bluestone the week of November 28

Project Timeline

pralle timeline

Project Progress

pralle progress

Project Budget

pralle ff budget