MO Flood Gates #1 - 16STM7

Construction Ward - 1

Project Description

This project will upgrade Floodgate #1 by raising the Floodgate to the appropriate height, installing new fencing and regrade the outfall to the Missouri River.

Project Location

North River Road near the Missouri River

Contact Information

Steve Dansberry
Construction Inspector


Project Activities

  • Updated Project Charter in January 2016
  • Survey approved in April 2016
  • Preliminary plan approved in May 2016
  • Right-of-way plans/documents approved in May 2016 
  • Notice to Proceed was issued on September 29, 2017
  • Installation of pipe bands started on 11/8/2017. Installation is expected to be complete in early December. 

Project Timeline

mo flood timeline

Project Progress

mo flood progress

Project Budget

mo flood budget

Project Risks

mo flood gates risk