St. Linus and St. Leonard Sewer Reconstruction - 16SWR22

Construction Ward - 7

Project Description

The area immediately upstream of this project has been experiencing sanitary sewer backups during storm events.  In 2014 and 2015 City Staff modeled and inspected the sewer mains in this area.  It was determined that the sanitary backups in the area could be eliminated by upgrading the existing 8 inch sewer to a 12 inch sewer for approximately 250 feet.  

Contact Information

Mike Chavez
Project Manager


Project Activities

  • Project Charter approved in January 2016
  • Survey was approved in March 2016
  • Preliminary Plans were submitted on August 1, 2016

Project Timeline

linus timeline

Project Progress

linus progress

Project Budget

linus budget

Project Risks

st linus risks