Boschert Creek Levee Study - 16STM11

Construction Ward - 8

Project Description

This project will study the Boschert Creek levee adjacent to Charlestowne. This study will help the City determine if flood protection is provided by the existing levee. This project will also determine if improvements to the levee are needed to bring it up to Army Corps of Engineers certification standard.

Project Location

Boschert Creek at Charlestowne

Contact Information
John Boyer

Floodplain Manager

Current Project Activities

This project is now being managed by the Floodplain Manager in Department of Community Development. Please call 636-949-3222 or email for additional information.

  • Project Charter was approved on July 2016
  • Consultant was selected in August 2016
  • Design notice to Proceed was completed in October 2016
  • Final report is due in February 2017

Project Timeline

boschert levee timeline

Project Progress

boschert levee progress

Project Budget

boschert creek budget