South Main Street Sidewalk - 17STR13

Construction Ward - 2

Contract awarded to: Pavement Solutions

Project Description

This project will extend the sidewalk and street lights on South Main Street from the Interstate 70 underpass to the existing sidewalk at 1220 South Main Street. This will create a safer walking environment for residents and businesses along Main Street.

Project Location

Interstate 70 underpass to existing sidewalk at 1220 South Main Street

Contact Information

Tim Rohrbacker
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Project Charter was approved on December 2016
  • Design began in February 2018
  • Design concept was approved in March 2018
  • Survey was approved in July 2018
  • Preliminary Plans were approved in September 2018
  • Right-of-Way Plans were approved in August 2018
  • Right-of-Way will be complete in Spring 2019
  • Construction will begin in Summer 2019
  • The project is substantially finished as of August 26, 2019.  
  • Items remaining are the installation of  new pushbuttons and pedestrian crossing signal heads at Ameristar Blvd. and South Main Street and the banner arms on the new sidewalk lights.

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