Cole Creek Bank Stabilization Project at Zumbehl - 17STM18

Construction Ward - 6
Contract awarded to: KCI Construction

Project Description

Cole Creek is actively widening and its west bank is at risk of encroaching onto adjacent buildings and a parking lot. In order to control the current erosion, the conceptual solution is to stabilize the east and west side banks.

Project Location

The project site is located in Cole Creek from the Zumbehl Road Culverts upstream approximately 560 feet.

Contact Information

Alex Linneman
Project Manager 

Current Project Activities

  • Project charter was approved in October 2016
  • Design is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2018
  • Right-of-Way is scheduled to be complete in Spring 2018
  • Construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2018 and be substantially complete by early 2019
  • Winning bidder is KCI Construction Company
  • Work will begin in August 2018

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