Cole Creek Bank Stabilization Project at Zumbehl

Impacted Ward: 6

Contractor: KCI Construction

Project Description

Cole Creek is actively widening and its west bank is at risk of encroaching onto adjacent buildings and a parking lot. In order to control the current erosion, the solution is to stabilize the east and west side banks.

Project Location

The project site is located in Cole Creek from the Zumbehl Road Culverts upstream approximately 560 feet.
Project Map

Contact Information

Alex Linneman
Project Manager

Project Activities

  • Project charter was approved October 2016.
  • Design was completed Spring 2018.
  • Right-of-Way was completed Spring 2018.
  • Construction began Spring 2018.
  • In August 2018, crews began removing overgrowth and grading the creek bank. A temporary construction access road was rocked and dirt from the south slope of the creek was removed.
  • In June 2019, KCI completed all of the clearing and grading. Storm sewers were installed and they began rock lining the creek bed.
  • In Fall 2019, KCI completed the rock toes and blood bench along the entire creek. DJM Ecological placed straw wattles and erosion control blankets on north slope. The retaining wall was completed. 
  • Weather permitting, street lights will be installed and miscellaneous cleaning will begin March 2020. 
  • This project is under significant completion; estimated to be complete in Spring 2020. 

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