Talbridge Traffic Calming

Project Description

Traffic calming incorporates engineering design and management strategies that balance vehicular traffic on streets with other uses. Engineers explore and implement traffic calming techniques that lessen the impact of motor vehicle traffic by slowing it down, or literally "calming" it. The goals of traffic calming projects may include:

Enhancing quality of life
Creating safe and attractive streets
Promoting pedestrian, cycle and transit use
Helping to reduce the negative effects of motor vehicles on the environment

Project Location

Talbridge Way 

Contact Information

Matt Seggerman
Project Manager

Current Project Activities

  • Traffic Calming options being considered include: Chicane, Choker and Speed Limit Pavement Legends
  • Resident input was gained through an online survey between October 21 & November 3, 2016
  • Survey results are posted below: :

1) Traffic issues such as speeding or congestion are significant problems within my neighborhood:
Strongly Disagree        10.60%
Disagree                      11.26%
Neutral                        15.89%
Agree                           33.11%
Strongly Agree             29.14%

2) The streets in my neighborhood are walkable, safe & pedestrian friendly:
Strongly Disagree       4.64%
Disagree                     13.91%
Neutral                        13.25%
Agree                          41.72%
Strongly Agree            26.49%

3) Traffic accidents occur frequently within my neighborhood:
Strongly Disagree       41.06%
Disagree                     35.76%
Neutral                        21.19%
Agree                          1.99%
Strongly Agree            0.00%

4) Traffic calming devices (such as chicanes, chokers, bulb outs, pavement legends & striping) would be useful to solving traffic issues in my neighborhood:
Yes                              65.56%
No                               34.44%

5) A chicane would be useful on Talbridge Way:
Yes                              47.68%
No                               52.32%

6) A bulb-out would be useful on Talbridge Way:
Yes                              35.10%
No                               64.90%

7) A choker would be useful on Talbridge Way:
Yes                              35.77%
No                               66.23%

8) Pavement legends would be useful on Talbridge Way:
Yes                              64.24%
No                               35.76%

Lane striping would be useful on Talbridge Way:
Yes                              41.72%
No                               58.28%

Talbridge Traffic Calming Report

The Engineering Department, per request of the residents of Talbridge’s subdivision, evaluated a .8 mile segment of Talbridge Way from Fairgrounds Rd to Shorewind Trl. This evaluation was to determine if traffic calming elements were warranted on Talbridge Way. Once completed, Engineering staff did not  recommend installing traffic calming devices on Talbridge Way. Even though over 38% of the residents took the survey, only 22% of residents are accounted for agreeing a traffic calming device(s) should be implemented.
Read the full Talbridge Report